Remax RM-C15 Standable Dashboard Smartphone & GPS Car Holder to fix device horizonla or vertical position and use it for car window or panel surface. Made from high quality plastics and rubber parts. This Holder is designed for Smarthones and GPS to hold them on windshield glass or dashboard using universal Gel fixation technology.


Has fixation for car windshield glass and dashboard surfaces using stanart rubber suction cup system with sticky Gel element
Easy to remove device using release Button
Adjustable in all possible angles thanks to its universal design
Held unit can rotate both vertically and horizontally through 360 degrees which is a mechanism built into the anchorage..
Adjustable-held devices Mechanism, which supports the maximum size of the equipment (widness from 55-85cm / height– unlimited/ thickness– max 3cm)
Easy Removal of equipment thanks button releasing devices Compactor mechanism
Additional stabilizers holder part further provide stability and prevent the device slipping on the bottom.
The holder on the side is a soft rubbered latches to safely hold device

Package Content:

1x Remax RM-C15 Car Holder