Cockroach Catcher

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Reusable Cockroach Catcher with Non-toxic Bait

This is an eco-friendly natural solution to catch cockroaches. Simple to use, no electricity or batteries and poisons required. Set several traps in big area for better trapping performance, we recommend you to use bait with peanut butter, fish oil, gel, oatmeal or insect bait.can be placed or hidden in many conspicuous position like kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom, baby room, closet, and garden. No chemicals or poisons required, non-toxic, home pets like dogs and cats will not get injured.

Key Features

Highlights of the Cockroach Catcher:

Quality item to trap cockroaches with the most secure way

Produced using reusable, hostile to fall wear and non-dangerous material

Outfitted with a water spout to infuse water. Cockroach Catcher in Pakistan

Outfitted with 4 light weight entryways

No need of any shower, pesticide or chemicals




How to use :

1. Put some dessert or other sweet food such as dried meat floss, cake piece and crumb in the near entrance area to attract cockroaches.
2. Put on the cover and place the trap to the position where the cockroaches appeared frequently.
3. The cockroaches will be trapped in the box since the baffle can’t be opened from inside.

How to dispose them:

1. Kill them by pouring into boiled water from the water inlet.
2. Expose them under the strong sunshine.

Small size 5.5 x 5.5 x 3.2 inch / 14x 14 x 8 cm


Cockroach Catcher in Pakistan


Cockroach Catcher in Pakistan. Cockroach Traps, Indoor Roach Killers Traps, Reusable Cockroach Catcher with Non-toxic Bait. The Cockroach Catcher, as the name shows, is a creative item intended to get cockroaches with insignificant exertion and without the utilization of any destructive pesticide concoction. The Cockroach Catcher is essentially a trap used to catch cockroaches and it is produced using the non-harmful and reusable plastic material.Cockroach Catcher in Pakistan.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 cm


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